The main activities of the Association:
• Ensuring effective interaction between industry companies to identify and jointly solve the challenges that the domestic hydropower industry is facing;
• Representing the interests of hydropower companies in relevant authorities, public associations and unions;
• International cooperation in hydropower.

Since 2008, the Association has been an authorized organization representing the interests of the Russian Federation in the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). The Association and PJSC RusHydro support the work of the Russian National Committee (RNC ICOLD), which consists of leading representatives of scientific and design institutes, specialists from hydro-generating companies./

Since 2010, the Association is a member of the International Hydropower Association (IHA).

• Implementation of the necessary research and development work on the basis of common decisions of the members of the Association;
• Implementation of relevant work in the field of technical regulation and standardization.
The Association participates in the development of the national standardisation system, performing the functions of the secretariat of the profile subcommittee "Hydroelectric Power Plants" (PC-4) of the Technical Committee 016 "Power Engineering".
In the period 2016-2020, 8 national standards were approved by the federal agency and drafts of 13 national standards were prepared in PC-4.
The association has more than 13 years of experience in developing organization standards (STO) and is the developer of more than 100 STOs authorized and implemented in companies operating HPPs and PSPPs.

The Association also continues to cooperate with the specialized subcommittee ТС4 “Hydro turbines" of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC);

• Organization of knowledge and experience exchange in the field of hydropower (holding conferences, seminars, etc.)
The Association has created the Electronic Library of Hydropower.
The library contains over 4.5 thousand books, articles, bulletins on hydropower and it is regularly updated with new editions.
• Publication and distribution of educational, methodological and scientific works.
Since 2005, the Association has prepared and published 25 books, including:
- Directory "Renewable Energy. Hydroelectric Power Plants of Russia";
- “Concrete gravity and arched dams on a rocky base”;
- “Compendium of Innovative Solutions on Biodiversity Conservation for the Hydropower Sector of Hydroelectric Power Plants”;
- and other books.

In order to popularize hydropower as the leading branch of the Russian fuel and energy complex, the Association holds the All-Russian competitions: "The best final qualifying work in the field of hydropower among graduates of Russian universities” and "The best educational, methodological and scientific publication in the field of hydropower in Russia."

The competitions are held with the support of the Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Based on the results, the Association publishes annotation collections of winners’ works.

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