PJSC “RusHydro” is the largest Russian energy holding. The company is a leader in the production of energy from renewable energy sources, developing power generation based on water flows, solar, wind and geothermal energy. RusHydro unites more than 60 hydropower plants in Russia, thermal power plants and power grid assets in the Russian Far East, as well as energy sales companies and scientific-design institutes. The installed capacity of the power plants that are part of RusHydro, including Boguchanskaya HPP, is 38 GW.

LLC “EuroSibEnergo-Hydrogeneration” is the second largest Russian company in terms of the installed capacity of hydropower plants (over 9,000 MW). Its generating capacities include the largest Russian HPPs, located on the Angarа river: Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk and Irkutsk HPPs. It is a subsidiary of JSC “EuroSibEnergo”.

JSC “Krasnoyarskaya HPP” is the owner of the second largest Russian hydropower plant on the Yenisei River (6,000 MW). The average long-term generation of the HPP is 18.4 billion kWh. In recent years, the company has been implementing a large-scale program to modernize the unique equipment of the Krasnoyarskaya HPP. It is a subsidiary of JSC “EuroSibEnergo”.

JSC “Boguchanskaya HPP” is one of the largest and most modern hydropower plants in Russia. The installed capacity of the Boguchanskaya HPP is 2,997 MW, the average long-term generation is 17.6 billion kWh. JSC “Boguchanskaya HPP” is the fifth largest Russian hydropower plant. The construction of the station was carried out under the agreement between RUSAL and PJSC RusHydro.

LLC “Voith Hydro” is a manufacturer of hydraulic turbines and a maintenance service provider. It is a subsidiary of the international group “Voith Group”, a manufacturer of hydropower equipment.

PJSC "TGC-1" is a leading producer of electric and thermal energy in the North-West region of Russia. It incorporates 53 power plants, 40 of which are hydropower plants. The total installed capacity of the stations is 6,950 MW, including 2,858 MW at HPPs.

JSC Tatenergo is one of the largest regional generating companies in the Russian Federation. The installed generation capacity of JSC "Tatenergo" is 5,385 MW, including Nizhnekamskaya HPP (1,205 MW). The company actively implements international standards of business transparency, environmentally responsible operation of facilities and innovative social policy.

LLC "Bashkir Generation Company" is one of the largest regional energy companies in Russia. The installed capacity of the company's power plants is 4,436 MW. The company operates 7 HPPs (including micro HPPs), among them Pavlovskaya and Yumaguzinskaya HPPs. The company is part of Inter RAO Group.

PJSC “Yakutskenergo” is the flagship of the power industry in the Far East region of Russia. The generating capacities include the Vilyui HPPs Cascade with a capacity of 680 MW, which is unique for Russia and for the world as it is a large hydropower facility, which was built in permafrost conditions and large annual temperature fluctuations. The installed electric capacity of the facilities of PJSC “Yakutskenergo” with subsidiaries is 1,573 MW.

LLC “Rakurs-Engineering” is one of the leading companies in the Russian industrial automation market. Rakurs has significant experience in cooperation with leading hydropower companies. The company's solutions combine a reliable element base and high-quality engineering.

JSC "Mamakanskaya HPP" is a hydropower plant located on the river Mamakan in Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region. The installed capacity of the hydropower plant is 86 MW. This is the first hydropower plant in Russia built on permafrost. The plant plays an important role in the energy supply of gold mining enterprises. JSC “Mamakanskaya HPP” is a subsidiary of PJSC “Polyus”.

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